Good design is clear thinking made visible.
— Edward Tufte, data scientist

In addition to being an illustrator, I often work in Ceramics, Concrete, Wood, Stone and Metal.  The gift and home decor product categories are exciting because they give me an opportunity to combine everything I've learned..    

I love to research a topic, sketch my ideas, sculpt and hand-paint the figurines myself, as I did in both animal storybook sets.  Frequently, I'll also propose packaging concepts:  the Native American Animal Storybook and sculpted animals were appropriately packaged inside a wooden drum.  "How the Animals Got Their Colours" was presented within a little book-box, complete with a window for viewing the animals.  

My 360-degree drawings for the Garden Gnome were sent to a vendor -- and Voila!  The gnome soon arrived at my drawing table,  as charming in 3D as I had imagined him -- but plumper, of course!